Product update (October 2022)

A bumper update this time around, 3 major new features for you to enjoy: pull in any existing survey responses that you already have with our Import Wizard, collect additional information from your participants with Custom Questions, and drill down into groups and clusters within your results with Segmentation.

New feature: collect participant information in surveys (September 2022)

We regularly talk with customers, and are very happy to receive feedback and requests for improvements to the KanoSurveys platform. Our most popular request has been to capture data from participants directly in the surveys - things like email address or other demographic or contextual data. We're pleased to announce this is now possible!

New feature: analyse your own data (April 2022)

If you already have Kano survey data that you've collected elsewhere (on another platform or even offline), you can now upload and import that data into a survey to get automatic advanced analysis.

Product update (March 2022)

Recent updates include a new Kano categorisation tool, multi-currency payments, image uploads, enhanced spam protection, coefficient analysis and more.

We're also drinking our own champagne and running our own survey to set up a case study about Netflix - if you've got a second you can join in and contribute to the results...

Product update (January 2022)

A lot has changed here in the last few months, here’s a quick rundown of some of the cool new stuff that’s available:

New features: Continuous analysis, Share widget for social, Export, Custom branding, Public analysis

Plus a ton of other little things like being able to name your features, a settings page to configure your account, a tidy print layout for reports, password reset, a dramatically improved interface, this newsletter and more!