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Analyse your own results (April 2022)

KanoSurveys.com is very proud to announce a new feature: import!

We've created a new feature so you can now upload a spreadsheet of survey responses that you've collected through another survey tool, or even offline or at a live event. However you collected the responses, just format them into an Excel spreadsheet and upload through our simple tool and you'll get instant automated analysis.

We've developed this feature in response to feedback and requests from research professionals who use our tool both to run surveys and also to provide analysis for existing data that was collected outside the platform.

This new fetaure will help us meet the various needs of research professionals across the industry to access high quality Kano analysis regardless of how they choose to run the actual survey itself.

Try the import wizard or read more about how our platform works.

If you have any questions or feedback about the feature, please contact us.