Kano model articles

How to validate my business startup idea

Any new idea needs assessing and validating to make sure it's got legs. Read more about how to assess the finance and economics of your idea, and how to use Kano Model to explore assumptions and shape the product.

How to make a Kano survey

In just 3 minutes, learn the fundamentals of making a successful Kano model survey, even if you've never done it before in your life.

How to prioritise a backlog of features

This is the ultimate question for product or project managers, startup founders & indie hackers. Let’s explore a few different ways to prioritise your list of features, starting with something simple...

How to make a minimum viable product

Is it minimum viable product, lovable product, or just version 1? In this article we dive into what an MVP really is, and how to prioritise the right features to make your MVP a success.

Product strategy at Netflix (case study)

A case study all about Netflix's product features, and how it could respond to recent challenges around losing subscribers.

About the Kano model

By understanding better how your users feel and think about the features, you can prioritise improvements and create a truly delightful product that fully meets the needs of your users...

Kano analysis techniques made simple

You've run a Kano survey and you've got all the responses from your participants. But now what - how should you analyse them? Continue below for how the different analysis approaches actually work...

Kano categorisation tool

Use the interactive table to explore the Kano model and get some example features and practical tips on how to interpret each of the categories...

Kano model example case study

In this article I'll walk through a Kano model example, explaining how we applied Kano to make sure we got the most business and customer value out of the project. A Kano case study, if you like...

Kano model template spreadsheet

How to set up a simple Kano model template to do the categorisation for you. This should be enough for simple projects or demonstrations...

Using the Kano Model in product development

Generally, Kano is useful before you build loads of stuff. For example, when you're in the scoping phase of an MVP, or maybe a major overhaul of your product that will have significant...

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