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  1. What is a Kano model survey?
  2. What is
  3. How much does cost?
  4. How do I use
  5. How do I analyse my own results?
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What is a Kano model survey?

The Kano model is a technique invented by Noriaki Kano for categorising product features according to customer satisfaction.

It's now used as a user research tool to inform prioritisation of product roadmaps.

You can find out what your users think about existing or potential features for your product - maybe they are indifferent to those features so you can save time by not building them, or maybe they are a 'must have' so you had better prioritise them before you launch.

The insight you can get from Kano can transform the way you prioritise your backlog.

Read this article for more infomation about Kano analysis.

What is

A simple online platform for creating, running, and analysing Kano surveys.

Before, teams had to create surveys manually in other standard survey tools and then copy / paste the raw results into a custom-built spreadsheet with complex formulas, or even get a software engineer to do the analysis. It was hard work!

So we built a self-serve tool to automate the hard stuff, so you can spend time on what's valuable to you - the insight. is so easy to use, everything is just point and click, and the analysis is all automated and in real-time.

How much does cost?

We have a free tier which will always be available, and has enough capacity for small projects.

We also have a paid tier for larger / more complex projects, or where you need particular features. The cost is currently very low as this is a new product, and your price will be locked in forever once you upgrade.

We take payment via Stripe so it's easy and safe, and you can cancel any time with no messing about and no fees (and no hard feelings!).

View the full details of pricing here.

How do I use

  1. Register a free account in 30 seconds

  2. Create a survey - give it a name, a description, and list the features you want feedback on

  3. Share the custom link with your participants so they can fill in the survey

  4. Wait for the responses to come in

  5. View the automated analysis to see how each feature is categorised, and the level of confidence

  6. Use the insights to inform your roadmap, share with stakeholders etc.

Simple! See How it works for more detail.

How do I analyse my own results?

If you've collected Kano survey responses yourself, through another survey platform or even offline in focus groups or a live event, you can upload these responses into the platform to get automated analysis.

Just put the responses into an Excel spreadsheet (XLSX format), with one complete survey response in each row, and our handy import wizard will help you do the rest.

Go to your Dashboard and click the "Import responses" button at the top to get started.

Got a different question?

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