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Product update (October 2022)

It's been a while since the last update because we've been working on some major new features that took significant development time to get right. Hold on to your hats...

1. Import your own survey responses for analysis

We heard from users that many people already had survey results that they'd collected from elsewhere - either offline and compiled into a spreadsheet, or through another survey platform that lacked the Kano analysis.

Some very kind users sent in example spreadsheets, and from those we could identify the most common formats and figure out the best way to make an import work. It's now possible to upload a spreadsheet with responses directly into a Kano survey and get instant and in-depth Kano analysis, in a matter of seconds.

The import wizard is intelligent, so you can configure which columns correspond to which features in the survey and which values mean which of the Kano answer categories and so on. This flexibility means we can accept a wide range of spreadsheet formats.

Over 1,500 responses have been imported so far. Give it a go today.

2. Custom questions

Another common request was to be able to capture a small amount of additional information about survey participants - perhaps their name, their email address, which plan of your product they're on, things like that.

Now you can add extra fields to the start of your surveys - either free text, single choice or multiple choice question types. All the data is saved against that participant's response and available via survey Export.

3. Filters & segmentation

Taking the custom questions one step further, we have created an extremely powerful way to unlock hidden insight in your Kano analysis.

You can now use any custom questions as filters on the analysis, narrowing down the results to certain segments of your audience.

Now you can capture characteristics of each participant to see if there's any commonality amongst the answers of similar people. It could be age range, location, income level, hobbies, which competitors they've used - since the custom fields feature is completely flexible, you can create your own segments.

We're really excited to see how people end up using this pair of power features, do get in touch if you've got feedback or a cool use case you want to share.

Plus a few other bits and bobs:

  • Better onboarding hints for new accounts

  • The survey response form is much more mobile-friendly

  • Coefficient analysis can rank features by most satisfying

  • New snazzy homepage design

  • Fixed a few bugs and added a few other minor optimisations (like a "Logout" link!)

In other news

We passed a huge milestone: 10,000 responses received on the platform! This proves there's a thriving community of product managers, UX designers, user researchers and others all using Kano surveys to make their products better. Please share the word about KanoSurveys.com so more people can save time and get better data.

That's a wrap! Until next time.

(If you have any feedback or ideas for new features that we should add - get in touch!)