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New feature: collect participant information in surveys

KanoSurveys.com is very proud to announce a new feature: custom data fields.

If you need to capture some additional data from your survey participants, you can now do it directly through KanoSurveys.com. Perhaps you want email addresses, demographic data like gender, age, location; or contextual information that helps to make sense of the participants answers in the survey. Whatever it is, we've created a flexible system that will work for you.

Here's how it works: when creating a survey you will see a section called "Custom fields". For each custom field, you'll need to define up to four parts:

  1. Label: what is this field called? This is what participants will see and tells them what they should enter.

  2. Type: either "Text" where the participant can enter a free-form answer to your question, "Single choice" where the participant can choose a single option from a pre-defined list that you've entered, or "Multiple choice" where the participant can choose multiple options.

  3. Options: for single or multiple choice types enter your pre-defined options separated with a comma, for example:

    red, green, blue, yellow

  4. Is required: if the field is required then the participant won't be able to submit the survey until they've provided an answer.

You can add as many fields as you like to your survey and they'll show at the top before all the features.

We've developed this feature in response to lots of requests from customers who use our tool and need to be able to understand who their participants are in more detail. In future we expect to be able to use this data to perform segmentation of the results, so you can drill down into the categorisation and identify patterns and trends.

If you have any questions or feedback about the feature, please contact us.

We really want KanoSurveys.com to be the best Kano and customer satisfaction tool available, so please get in touch if you have something on your mind that you need help with or ideas for new features we should add.