Hello, I'm Will.

I am a former software engineer, now product manager. I built KanoSurveys.com because I love the Kano analysis technique and couldn't find a great tool to help me apply it.

I plan to build out the KanoSurveys.com platform into the market's best customer satisfaction tool. Here's how:

The vision - Kano has two main problems:

  1. Running and analysing surveys is Hard

    It's hard to actually execute because of the special format of the surveys and bespoke analysis. A high quality participant user experience is vital to the quality of the insight so standard survey tools are often sub par for Kano. Then importing and exporting data between different systems and possibly writing custom code to perform detailed analysis is just too high a barrier.

    This means people are put off Kano before they've been able to try it, even though they want to because it's taught in schools, on blogs, in conferences and so on.

    The vision is to build a platform that fulfills all the normal criteria expected of a great user research tool - it does the job well, it's easy to use, configurable, brandable, automated so it does all the heavy lifting for you, real-time so you're always getting the latest info, and so on.

  2. Applying Kano insight is Hard

    The insight can be hard to apply because the basic categorisation is quite high level, and so it's not obvious how that feeds into a roadmap or how to use that insight to prioritise your work.

    We need more detailed analysis to dig into the data (classic discrete analysis, new continuous analysis, confidence levels, sub-categories, radar charts and so on), and extra features to layer additional insight on top (demographics, importance, CSAT, comments and so on).

    Being able to slice and dice the data and get actionable insight is the key to making Kano a staple in every team's user research toolbox.

    The vision is to create a joined up all-in-one tool for measuring customer satisfaction using a combination of Kano and other techniques, and a complementary Kano "university" that helps you apply your survey results immediately and provides you with the necessary information to educate yourself and your colleagues on the benefits of Kano.

The approach - it's all about the hashtags!

#buildinpublic, #openroadmap

This site is part of the #buildinpublic community. That means I share progress, milestones, challenges, successes and so on. I post on Twitter under @kanosurveys.

This includes the idea of an open roadmap. That means you can see our roadmap, what I'm working on, what's coming up next, and contribute your votes and comments to let us know what's important to you. Our roadmap is here on Trello.


I am an #indiehacker. That means someone who builds software and grows a business without a team (or maybe with a small team). Courtland Allen runs indiehackers.com and has a great definition here.

The upshot of this is that I'm not a huge enterprise with dozens of sales or support staff so I build the product to sell itself, and to be robust so that you shouldn't need support. I'm here if you need me though, you're not on your own!


Finally I want to contribute to the #openstartups movement. This means I'm going to be open about customer volume and revenue, and how the site is growing. I'll post all this on the Twitter link above.

All of this means that I'm very open to feedback and suggestions. If you want to chat, drop me a line on Twitter or via email (hello@zzzkanomodel.33mail.com)