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Get deep insight into what delights and disgusts your users about your product, with our free tool for running and analysing Kano model surveys.

Screenshot of an example result from a Kano survey

We believe Kano model surveys should be easy to run

No more spreadsheets, no more templates, no more forms, no more exporting / importing from different vendors and no more manually processing data!

With our tool you can set up your survey in minutes, share the link, and we'll automatically categorise your features as soon as the responses start coming in. Simple.

What is the Kano Model?

The Kano model is a user research technique developed in the 1980s by Professor Noriaki Kano, which categorises product features into five categories:

  1. Must-have - or "basic expectations"
  2. Performance - customer satisfaction increases in line with the quality of the feature
  3. Delighters - if present, people are surprised and delighted
  4. Reverse - actively disliked by customers
  5. Indifferent - nobody cares if these features exist or not

Learn more about the Kano model, and how to use Kano in product development.

Diagram showing the Kano Model categories


Our tool

Kano analysis requires a specific format of questionnaire to capture the right feedback from users which can be difficult to set up using other survey tools.

Then the results will need to be exported and manually processed with some bespoke logic in a spreadsheet to actually categorise the features.

Our survey tool takes care of all this for you.

Just describe the features you want to test and the platform does all the hard work of asking the questions in the right format.

Then as the responses come in, the Kano categorisation is applied automatically and you can see the results in real time.

Example survey about car features

Screenshot of an example Kano survey

** Take an example survey **

Put yourself in your user's shoes and see how simple and easy it is to fill in a survey.

We believe in 'drinking our own champagne' so we've set up a real survey all about our Kano tool! Take the tool for a test drive and let us know what you want us to build next at the same time.

See an example analysis

After you've filled in the survey above, you'll be able to see the full analysis showing the categorisation of the different features.

This is the secret sauce of the platform - no more crunching numbers in a spreadsheet or trying to sync up multiple different tools to talk to each other. Just automatic, real-time analysis.

(You can also see if other people agreed with you about your answers!)

Example Kano categorisation analysis

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The Kano model is fantastic for:

  • Getting crystal clear feedback on potential features to help prioritisation
  • Learning how to go beyond satisfaction and start delighting your customers
  • Understanding how customer perception of your product changes over time

If you're in a product management, research or design role - you need to include Kano in your toolkit!