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Kano Model surveys should be easy to run

No more spreadsheets, no more templates, no more forms, no more exporting / importing from different vendors and no more manually processing data!

With our tool you can set up your survey in minutes, share the link, and we'll automatically categorise your features as soon as the responses start coming in. Simple.

Step 1

Describe the features you want to test

Step 2

Share the survey link with your participants

Step 3

View the automatic analysis in real-time

What is the Kano Model?

The Kano model is a user research technique developed in the 1980s by Professor Noriaki Kano, which categorises product features into five categories:

  1. Must-have - or "basic expectations"
  2. Performance - customer satisfaction increases in line with the quality of the feature
  3. Delighters - if present, people are surprised and delighted
  4. Reverse - actively disliked by customers
  5. Indifferent - nobody cares if these features exist or not

Learn more about the Kano model, and how to use Kano in product development.

Diagram showing the Kano Model categories

Our tool takes care of everything

Kano analysis requires a specific format of questionnaire to capture the right feedback, then the responses require data processing to actually provide the results you're looking for.

Our survey tool does this for you, automatically.

Just describe the features you want to test and the platform does all the hard work of asking the questions in the right format.

Then as the responses come in, the Kano analysis is applied automatically and you can see the results in real time.

You can even create custom questions to collect key information from each participant such as their name or email address.

Example survey about car features

Screenshot of an example Kano survey

See a working example   👀

Put yourself in your user's shoes and see how simple and easy it is to fill in a survey.

After you've filled in the survey, check out the full analysis showing the categorisation of the different features.

This is the secret sauce of the platform - no more crunching numbers in a spreadsheet or trying to sync up multiple different tools to talk to each other. Just automatic, instant insight!


See your Kano categories at a glance

With our custom categorisation analysis you can quickly find out the primary category for each feature, based on which is the most common answers from your participants.

If there's isn't yet a primary category we'll show the candidates with a confidence level so you can see which way it's headed.

And for extra transparency you can also see a detailed breakdown of how your participants voted - the breakdown will show if you there are other sub-categories that might be interesting to follow up on.

Example Kano categorisation analysis

Deep dive into advanced analysis

We have two more types of in-depth analysis where we calculate different views of the data to show their position on a continuous matrix and even overall customer satisfaction potential.

These techniques allow the strength of each individual response to come through and can reveal very interesting results that wouldn't have shown up in the simple categorisation.

Having multiple different ways to analyse the data gives you all the insight you need to make good prioritisation decisions.

Screenshots of advanced analyses methods

Unlock more with Premium

Our free level comes with everything you need but if you're looking for a bit extra you can upgrade to ★ Premium and get access to:

  • Whitelabel branding options
  • Export your results
  • Redirect to custom URL on success
  • Test more than 10 features
  • Custom data fields to collect participant details
  • Email support and more!

We're adding new features all the time and when you upgrade we'll lock in that price for the lifetime of your account.


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The Kano model is fantastic for:

  • Getting clear feedback to help prioritisation
  • Going beyond satisfaction and into delighting
  • Understanding how customer satisfaction changes over time

If you're in any sort of product development role then you need to include Kano in your toolkit.