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Survey analysis

Name Kano Model Tool
Num features 11
Num responses 11
Started at 2021-11-11 21:12:38
Stopped at
Status Active

For each feature we show the primary Kano category if there's a clear enough signal (in green), otherwise we'll show the contenders with a confidence level next to each one (in orange). As more answers come in, the categorisation and confidence will update.

More info: about the Kano model | taking action on your results.

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Widget to automatically share survey links via email or directly onto social med...

Category: Delighter (99%)

See a breakdown of the different sub-categories for each feature, so I can under...

Inconclusive so far

Browse individual responses

Inconclusive so far

Export the responses and categorisation analysis into a spreadsheet

Category: Indifferent (95%)

Upload my own data to be categorised into the Kano model

Category: Indifferent (89%)

Have screener questions up front to filter out certain types of user who shouldn...

Category: Indifferent (99%)

Segment the analysis by the demographics of the users to see how preferences dif...

Category: Indifferent ✅

Collect the importance of each feature alongside the Kano category

Category: Indifferent (89%)

Collect free-text comments from users for extra information about why they have ...

Category: Indifferent (89%)

Apply my own branding to the survey (company name, logo, colours etc)

Category: Indifferent (81%)

Redirect users to a custom URL on completion of the survey

Category: Delighter ✅