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Analyse your own data

If you've collected your own data by running a survey through a generic survey tool, now you're on to the fun bit - categorising those features!

Here's a simple version of the table to categorise the features:

Positive answerNegative answerCategory
I expect itI dislike itMust-have
I like itI dislike itPerformance
I like itI am neutralDelighter
I am neutralI am neutralIndifferent
I dislike itI expect itReverse

Answers that don't make sense such as "I like it" for both positive and negative should be ignored or categorised as "Unknown" - that suggests people haven't understood the question or answered it properly. If you get lots of those you should check the phrasing of the feature to make sure it makes sense.

We don't support uploading your data for analysis quite yet. In order to build a feature that works well for everyone, we need examples - contact us (via hello@zzzkanomodel.33mail.com) to send us your results data and we'll see how we can help.

You can also check out our in-depth guide to making your own Kano model template.