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What is the Kano Model?

The Kano model. Source:

The Kano model is a user research technique developed in the 1980s by Professor Noriaki Kano, which categorises product features into five categories:

  1. Must-have - or "basic expectations"
  2. Performance - customer satisfaction increases in line with the quality of the feature
  3. Delighters - if present, people are surprised and delighted
  4. Reverse - actively disliked by customers
  5. Indifferent - nobody cares if these features exist or not

The Kano model is awesome for:

  • Getting crystal clear feedback on potential features to help prioritisation
  • Learning how to go beyond satisfaction and start delighting your customers
  • Understanding how customer perception of your product changes over time.

Learn more about the Kano model here. If you're in a UX, product or analysis role - you should definitely be including Kano in your toolkit!

Our tool

Kano surveys are a special style of questionnaire to capture the right feedback from users, and then bespoke analysis of that data is needed to categorise the features according to the Kano model.

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Example survey about car features

Example analysis

Our tool is simple and effective, and does all the hard work for you.
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